Primo Vet Announces Groundbreaking Formula to Naturally Support Animal Longevity


Orlando, FL, March 20, 2018 – Primo Vet President Casey Jones announced today at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida that the companies new Longevity formula. The product is the culmination of years of research into the scientific application of natural ingredients in animal health to create a powerful formula that supports canine longevity, vitality, immune health and cognitive function.

The research team drew its inspiration from the unique vibrancy they observed in the wild of the Pacific Northwest. Close analysis found several naturally occurring fungi and algae that have been academically studied and proven to be strong players in supporting the factors that ultimately lead to a long and healthy life for animals.

In announcing the release, Jones stated “we are so excited to have discovered this formula that combines the awesome power of the ocean with the secrets of America’s most storied wilderness. Creating formulations based on sound science that produce noticeable results is the founding principal of our company. We are so thrilled to offer this product that our research has proven dogs love.”

Jones went on to add that “when talking with customers, a primary concern is extending their animals life. This product helps to do so by combining four organic mushroom strains to support energy, longevity, anti-aging, immune health, stress, heart and joint health with organic blue-green algae to support memory and digestive health.”


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