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The wild is a powerful place. Able to care for itself since the beginning of time, observing the secrets of the natural world has the potential to unlock unlimited healthcare solutions. At Primo Vet we believe the keys to a long and healthy life for animals lie within native environments. Our job is to scientifically detect these indigenous solutions and extract them for use in the modern habitat to improve the lives of pets. We have found that tracing the ancestry of the dog to its primal origins to formulate products that solve today’s problems with organic solutions is extremely powerful. In fact, its instinctual.

We take a holistic approach to canine wellness that goes beyond a simple supplement. We believe that true wellbeing is achieved by caring for the whole of the animal – not only the physical aspects of their health, but also the mind and external environment. Our holistic supplements are 100% active ingredients sourced from raw, naturally derived ingredients.

Our supplements are formulated by experts based on sound science and produce noticeable results with the first container – or your money back. Guaranteed. We use only the highest quality ingredients and manufacture all our products in the USA at audited human grade facilities. We are proud to be members of, and audited by, the National Animal Supplement Council, the highest standard in companion animal supplements, as well as the American Pet Products Association.

At Primo Vet, we apply the power of science + nature to naturally solve the most complex canine veterinary problems.

Customer Testimonials

He Thinks It’s a Treat!

We never skip a day with these vitamins because our dog reminds us at “treat time” every day.

Perfect for a Picky Eater

We have tried a lot of supplements and our challenge has always been getting our dog to eat them. These have made our life so much easier! She comes running when we open the cupboard and gobbles the soft chews up like they are a fresh piece of meat!


A Big Help for Our Senior Dog

We felt that our 12 year old dog was nearing the end before we started feeding them the Senior Multi. The supplement has been a big help. He is now more alert and has much more energy and motivation.


Car Rides Are Now Fun

Our small dog is scared of everything. The car is the worse! Now, if a stressful event is coming up, we give a Stress Support soft chew first and she is able to cope much better.


You Can See the Difference

Our dog gets really flaky skin in the winter. After giving the Skin & Coat supplement, not only did the flaky go away, but his fur got much shinier and softer.


Great Holistic Formula

It is difficult finding supplements that don’t contain a lot of extra “stuff”. We have been very pleased with the Longevity formula and love that it is all active ingredients from real food.


Runs Like A Puppy Again

Our golden retriever is getting older and has a lot of joint issues. The Hip & Joint formula has him jumping on the couch again. Love having our buddy back in our lap for movie time.


Primo Vet Does It Right

We’ve done a lot of research into supplements for our dog. A lot of products claim to do all sorts of things, but full short on science and good formulation. Primo Vet makes blends that are well balanced and use a variety of quality ingredients to make an effective supplement without over formulating. Well done.

We Wanted a Probiotic and Got So Much More

We wanted a probiotic supplement for our dog because my husband and I take one every day and feel it really helps to keep us healthy. The digestive enzymes in the Primo Vet product are a really nice bonus.


We Saw a Difference Right Away

Our dog had noticeably more energy in the first week and it continues to get better with time. Thank you!


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