Aimed at naturally helping to relieve discomfort in dogs associated with normal daily exercise and activity, Primo Vet has launched their new JOINT HEALTH Green Lipped Mussel + Turmeric holistic superfood. A true innovation in functional pet supplementation, this formula is made from 100% real ingredients.

The product synergistically supports a healthy inflammatory response and the normal repair of connective tissue using a propriety blend of Green Lipped Mussel, Organic Turmeric, Pumpkin Seed Extract and Boswellia Extract.

In addition to joint health, this superfood supplement cares for the whole of the animal with Organic Spirulina Algae to aid cognitive function, Organic Brewer’s Yeast for allergy and immunity support and Organic Reishi Mushroom to help relieve stress from the external environment.

Primo Vet President Casey Jones was excited about the new formulation at the product launch in Phoenix stating that “modern nutrition science has allowed us to unlock the power of naturally derived ingredients that provide tangible benefits to animals.” He went on to explain that “there is no longer a need to use artificial ingredients, carriers or fillers in formulating effective joint health products. Supporting a healthy inflammatory response and joint comfort can be achieved very successfully with a holistic approach and the proper balance of 100% real superfood ingredients. That is exactly what the Green Lipped Mussel + Turmeric Joint Health product does.”

The innovative new JOINT HEALTH Green Lipped Mussel + Turmeric product is available today with an MSRP of $29.99.

Learn more about the new holistic JOINT HEALTH Superfood Supplement here.