Geared towards supporting a healthy gastrointestinal tract, immune system and cognitive function, Primo Vet has introduced its new DIGESTIVE AID Papaya + Ginger. A true innovation in functional pet supplementation, this holistic superfood formula is made from 100% real ingredients.

The product naturally supports the GI tract without introducing potentially harmful foreign probiotic bacteria. Gut health is achieved by Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Extract nourishing the animal’s native microflora, Organic Papaya supporting the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, Organic Yucca Root supporting a healthy inflammatory response in the bowel and Organic Ginger helping to maintain overall GI health and comfort.

In addition to digestive health, this superfood supplement cares for the whole of the animal with Organic Spirulina Algae to aid cognitive function, Organic Brewer’s Yeast for allergy and immunity support and Organic Reishi Mushroom to help relieve stress from the external environment.

At the product launch in Phoenix, Primo Vet President Casey Jones noted “the novel approach this product takes in caring for canine digestive health.” He stated that “true health is achieved by caring for the sum of systems throughout the body. This product does so safely with 100% real superfood ingredients and without feeding foreign bacteria to the animal.”

Learn more about the new holistic DIGESTIVE AID Papaya + Ginger here.