We never want to leave our pets when it’s time for a trip or even a long day at work, but with busy schedules and the challenges of travel, sometimes it is a necessity. When trusting the care of your pet to a family member, friend, dog sitter or doggy day care be sure to do some planning ahead of time to make sure the caregiver has the information they need to provide the highest level of care for your pet should an emergency arise. The best way to do this is to gather a few key pieces of information on a single sheet that can be easily shared and referenced. Here are a few items that you will want to include:

Emergency Contact Information

  • Owners name, cell phone number, address and address where you will be staying while away.
  • Name and cell phone number of a local emergency contact familiar with your pet.

Information About Your Pet

  • Name, date of birth and breed
  • A photograph
  • Microchip number

Medical History

  • Any known medical conditions for your pet.
  • Medications, including dosage and administration instructions.
  • Rabies and other vaccination certificates

Veterinarian Contact Information

  • Name, telephone number and address of your vet. Be sure to include payment details such as a prepaid care plan or pet insurance as well.
  • Name, telephone number and address of the closest 24 hour emergency vet to where your pet will be staying.
  • National Animal Poison Control Center phone number (888-426-4435). There is a fee for calling the number, so be sure to include a credit card number as well, if desired.


Of course, we never want an emergency to occur, but the best way to ensure our pet’s come out with the best possible outcome is to plan ahead and be prepared.