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It’s True: Humans & Dogs Communicate


As a pet owner, we undoubtedly believe that we engage in two-way communication with our pets. Often going as far as carrying on conversations with them. This has always been more logical with a dog than, say, a lizard. However, science hasn’t necessarily supported the idea. For years it has been clear that canine animals [...]

It’s True: Humans & Dogs Communicate2018-07-10T16:21:24+00:00

Striking a Balance – Feeding Your Dog the Right Amount the Right Way


It’s no secret – dogs love to eat. But hey, who doesn’t? Just because a dog will gobble up anything put before them, doesn’t mean that we should allow them to eat any and everything in sight whenever they want. A healthy dog is a result of a pet parent that follows some simple rules [...]

Striking a Balance – Feeding Your Dog the Right Amount the Right Way2017-12-22T21:32:22+00:00

You Need a Canine First Aid Kit


Dogs are naturally curious and playful. Just like a toddler, in fact. Also like a toddler, their curiosity is going to cause them an injury from time to time. Luckily, the principals of first aid are the same for an animal as they are a person. The key is a combination of first aid education [...]

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Staying Safe in Winter Weather


It can beautiful. It can be fun. It can also be miserably cold. Winter is here and with it comes not only a change of weather, but a change of hazards for our pets. A cold snowy climate can offer a lot to a dog. Many are at home in cooler weather as part of [...]

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The Basics of Canine Nutrition


Like people, dogs require a balanced diet to provide their body with the nutrients required to thrive. When thinking about animal nutrition as opposed to human nutrition, it can be a bit of a brain buster to sort out the components of a pet’s diet, however. This is because many dogs are either fed a [...]

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A Happy Dog Has a Healthy Mouth: 4 Tips to Ensure They Do


A commonly overlooked necessity in caring for a dog is looking after their teeth. While pet owners often don’t think to do so, dogs require regular teeth brushing, just like people. Failure to maintain good oral health for a dog can lead to more than just bad breath, but tooth loss as well. The most [...]

A Happy Dog Has a Healthy Mouth: 4 Tips to Ensure They Do2017-12-22T20:25:27+00:00

Choosing a Veterinarian


Your dog is a member of your family - as such, he or she deserves regular medical care from a skilled practitioner just like any other member of your family. Veterinary care can be expensive and should be budgeted for in the cost of owning a dog. Vets vary in their approach to both care [...]

Choosing a Veterinarian2017-12-22T21:03:09+00:00

Are These Summer Dog Dangers Lurking Around Your House?


With warm weather comes a change of pace in and around the house. Gardens are in full bloom, insects are thriving and swimming pools are begging both humans and dogs to come for a swim. Hot weather also brings with it some new dangers to our pets both natural and in new chemicals that are [...]

Are These Summer Dog Dangers Lurking Around Your House?2017-12-22T20:48:29+00:00
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