Exercise: Vital to Dog Health


It is no secret that physical activity a key to good human health. It should come as no surprise then that that regular exercise is also vital to good canine health. With dogs, exercise is more than physical. It is important to maintaining behavioral balance and has extra benefits of providing structured bonding time with [...]

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7 Tips To Ensure A Merry Christmas For Your Dog


Part of the fun of the holidays is the temporary renovation they bring to our homes. While the often over the top decorations and festivities bring a lot of spirit and joy to the holidays, they offer a fair amount a danger to our pets. Anything new spurs intense curiosity in a dog and the [...]

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Yuck! Common Dog Parasites


Yep, they are as gross as they sound and a little prevention can go a long way to keeping your dog healthy and parasite free. There are some common parasites that infect dogs both internally and externally. Externally, parasites such as ticks, fleas and ear mites can attach to your pet and transfer disease to [...]

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Rabies – What Is It?


We are all familiar with the term and we all know that are dogs should be vaccinated against it (in fact, rabies vaccinations for dogs are required by law in all 50 states). We’ve even seen it portrayed in movies and literature… remember Atticus Finch having to save his family from a rabid dog in [...]

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Home Checkup: Routine Assessments to Ensure Good Health


A dog isn’t capable of assessing their own health, or communicating health concerns with you when they arise, so it is important to routinely give your best friend a quick check-up to ensure they are at their healthy best. A few quick checks can give a pretty good picture of overall health and will catch [...]

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Preventative Steps for Healthy Ears


While dogs have ears, just like you and I, they are different than a humans in a couple of distinct ways. First, (depending on the breed) dog ears have flaps the cover the opening to the ear. Second, they have an elongated ear canal. Because of these two distinctions, dog ears require routine care, unlike [...]

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Hot Hazards: Recognizing Heatstroke in Your Dog


It’s summertime and the weather is warm, okay hot, in most places. This makes a fantastic opportunity to get outside with your pet, however, it also presents the danger of your dog overheating.   Dogs love to get outside and play and have a drive to continue playing and interacting that will overpower feelings of [...]

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Summer Vacation: Hoteling with Dogs


School is out and Summer Break is here, which means it time to board planes, trains and automobiles for the sacred summer vacation. For many of us with dogs as members of the family, they come along for the fun either out of necessity of simply for companionship. When traveling with dogs, it is important [...]

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