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Striking a Balance – Feeding Your Dog the Right Amount the Right Way


It’s no secret – dogs love to eat. But hey, who doesn’t? Just because a dog will gobble up anything put before them, doesn’t mean that we should allow them to eat any and everything in sight whenever they want. A healthy dog is a result of a pet parent that follows some simple rules [...]

Striking a Balance – Feeding Your Dog the Right Amount the Right Way2017-12-22T21:32:22+00:00

When You Must Be Away – Tips for Finding Caregivers for Your Pet


While dogs are pretty smart companions, they have needs that can’t be entirely met on their own. With busy lifestyles and commitments that take us away from the home, at times it is necessary to make arrangements for another caregiver for your pet. Depending on your preferences, level of comfort, needs of your animal and [...]

When You Must Be Away – Tips for Finding Caregivers for Your Pet2017-12-22T21:34:28+00:00

You Need a Canine First Aid Kit


Dogs are naturally curious and playful. Just like a toddler, in fact. Also like a toddler, their curiosity is going to cause them an injury from time to time. Luckily, the principals of first aid are the same for an animal as they are a person. The key is a combination of first aid education [...]

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Staying Safe in Winter Weather


It can beautiful. It can be fun. It can also be miserably cold. Winter is here and with it comes not only a change of weather, but a change of hazards for our pets. A cold snowy climate can offer a lot to a dog. Many are at home in cooler weather as part of [...]

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The Basics of Canine Nutrition


Like people, dogs require a balanced diet to provide their body with the nutrients required to thrive. When thinking about animal nutrition as opposed to human nutrition, it can be a bit of a brain buster to sort out the components of a pet’s diet, however. This is because many dogs are either fed a [...]

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A Happy Dog Has a Healthy Mouth: 4 Tips to Ensure They Do


A commonly overlooked necessity in caring for a dog is looking after their teeth. While pet owners often don’t think to do so, dogs require regular teeth brushing, just like people. Failure to maintain good oral health for a dog can lead to more than just bad breath, but tooth loss as well. The most [...]

A Happy Dog Has a Healthy Mouth: 4 Tips to Ensure They Do2017-12-22T20:25:27+00:00

Choosing a Veterinarian


Your dog is a member of your family - as such, he or she deserves regular medical care from a skilled practitioner just like any other member of your family. Veterinary care can be expensive and should be budgeted for in the cost of owning a dog. Vets vary in their approach to both care [...]

Choosing a Veterinarian2017-12-22T21:03:09+00:00

Summer Vacation: Travel Checklist for Dogs


It is tough enough making sure your own suitcase is packed with everything you need for a trip, let alone another family member or the family pet. As part of our summer travel series, we are hoping to ease that burden a bit by sharing our essential checklist for traveling with a dog. Of course, [...]

Summer Vacation: Travel Checklist for Dogs2018-10-03T22:14:03+00:00
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