Pup School: Popular Dog Training Techniques


As the domestication of the dog has become increasingly popular in the last hundred years (having dogs as pets really exploded in the post World War II era as the United States transitioned into a more suburban culture) so have various training techniques for making companion animals the best pets that they can be. Ensuring [...]

Pup School: Popular Dog Training Techniques2017-12-22T21:03:01+00:00

Communicating In Your Dog’s Native Tongue


Dog’s are exceptionally loyal creatures. They work hard to integrate into our homes, families and lifestyles and to be a team player who contributes to the family in their own special way. Given that dog’s don’t speak English (or whatever human language you may attempt to communicate with them in) it is pretty surprising how [...]

Communicating In Your Dog’s Native Tongue2017-12-22T21:02:53+00:00
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