Holistic Healthcare

Body ● Mind ● Environment

At Primo Vet, we take a holistic approach to canine wellness that goes beyond a simple supplement. We believe that true wellbeing is achieved by caring for the whole of the animal – not only the physical aspects of their health, but also the mind and external environment. We do so using naturally derived 100% real ingredients.

Our holistic veterinary formulas take into consideration the whole picture of the patient – their physical condition, mental state and the external environment. We do this by supporting the structure and function of specific physical systems in the body with targeted ingredients. Because we believe that supporting an animal’s health requires care beyond the physical state, we also formulate to care for cognitive health and management of the external environment. All our holistic superfood supplements include our proprietary blend of Organic Spirulina Algae to aid cognitive function, Organic Brewer’s Yeast for allergy and immune system support and Organic Reishi Mushroom to help relieve stress from the external environment.

Sound veterinary research has allowed us to create products the deliver amazing results from raw, whole foods the way nature has intended. Our holistic superfood supplements are 100% active ingredients sourced from naturally derived whole foods.

The wholeness built into our products nurtures all aspects of the animal’s wellbeing, resulting in lasting physical, mental and emotional health.

Our Mission

Primo Vet sets out to answer a question: how can we effectively address canine health concerns with solutions inspired by nature. That’s a big question. Walk into any natural or health food store and you will find a lot of “natural” ingredients claiming to do all sorts of things. But how do you separate the fact from fiction? What ingredients haven’t yet been made available for use in animals? How can we leverage the latest peer reviewed science in animal health?

Already having years of experience and a team of canine health experts on hand with our sister company, Primo Pup Vet Health, we put our knowledge to work and began scouring the world from the rain forest to the oceans to discover the best ingredients from nature and turn them into ultra-premium solutions for pets. While our products start with the observation of microbiota that thrive in a particular part of the world, the real secret to our products lies in the strong veterinary science that backs up ingredients that we have discovered.

Nature Inspired Products That Work

At Primo Vet we make nature inspired products that work. Period. Our functional supplements draw inspiration from native environments and indigenous solutions that we have observed causing a species to thrive from the primal stage to today. We formulate products that are inspired by nature and backed by sound veterinary science. Our products range from whole body health solutions to those that target specific health concerns. They are effective, complete, balanced formulas made of quality, high potency ingredients.

Unmatched Quality

Picture of Primo Vet owners Casey & Nora Jones with their dog Cabo.

Primo Vet owners Casey and Nora Jones with their dog Cabo.

Nothing is more important to us than product quality and safety. Every ingredient we use is studied for safety and effectiveness and tested for potency. We are audited routinely and rigorously by the National Animal Supplement Council and manufacture exclusively in human grade facilities in the United States using Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Who We Are

We are pet parents too. In fact, our own animals are the inspiration for our products and are always our first customer. Primo Vet was founded out of love for owners Casey and Nora Jones’ goldendoodle Cabo. Always searching for something better, and never satisfied, our formulas are developed by experts to provide the best for the pets we love.

Our company is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ where our employees work and enjoy their free time at the local dog park.


“We love animals and are committed to constantly discovering new solutions to ensure pets are able to live as long, healthy and comfortable a life as possible. We honestly believe that nature possesses natural solutions to canine healthcare concerns that can be safely implemented using sound science. Our own dogs are always our first customers and we truly hope your pet will love and benefit from our range of healthcare products as much as ours do.”

Casey Jones, President of Primo Vet